Franklin Artificial Lift Pumping Systems

Franklin Electric is a world leader in groundwater pumping systems and has supplied products to the oil and gas industry for decades. Franklin Artificial Lift is a division of Franklin Electric Corporation that designs and manufactures onshore artificial lift pumping solutions for gas well dewatering, mine dewatering, and marginal oil stripper well applications. This new line offers advanced control systems and proven pumps and motors, all engineered for the demanding conditions of energy applications.

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Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP) and Progressive Cavity Pumps (ESPCP)

Our unique artificial lift system utilizes a submersible motor directly coupled to a progressive cavity pump (ESPCP), thereby eliminating the quick wearing drive rods that are typically used in rod pump and other top driven pumping systems. These pumps are used in horizontal and vertical gas well dewatering applications.

Franklin's Artificial Lift pump line also includes electric submersible pumps (ESP) which use centrifugal technology to pump water and low cut oil from marginal oil stripper wells. These pumps are also used for mine dewatering and other water management applications.

Automation and Control

The FluidWise variable frequency drive and control system is used to drive our progressive cavity pumps. This system provides remote monitoring and control for cost effective production optimization. Franklin Electric control algorithms provide run dry and overload protection while maintaining ideal water levels in order to maximize run times.